If You Do Business in Europe
The legislation of the European Union is a complex and heterogeneous array of norms that have developed over the decades of the existence of this association. In addition, the national legislation of EU member States often conflicts with the European legislation.

If you do or intend to do business in Europe, our colleagues in Brussels - EPPA SA will help you overcome legal and political difficulties, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure access to the European market.
EPPA SA, Brussels - www.eppa.com
Established in 1987, EPPA SA is a specialised management consultancy that creates value for its clients by helping them to manage risks and opportunities arising from the ever changing European political, regulatory and socio-economic landscape.
How could EPPA be helpful to Russian companies?
Russian exporters to the EU market:
- assisting in various authorisation procedures (certification, licensing, etc.);
- assessing of obligations and assisting in the registration, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances under the European chemical regulation REACH (see website www.reachimpact.com);
- assessing and managing threats and opportunities arising from trade negotiations and other political and regulatory actions that impact trade between Russia and the EU (e.g. tariffs, quotas, rules of origin, regulatory barriers to trade)
- using the opportunities arising from the EU trade policy towards non-EU countries
- efficiently supporting Russian exporters during anti-dumping investigations
Companies, intending to or acquiring assets in the EU:
- obtaining authorisation from EU competent authorities for the deal and minimizing the associated restrictions and burden for the acquiring entity
- assisting in the choice of assets for M&A and investments, efficient support of the deal

Should you have any questions, you may contact either Natalya Pisannaya in Moscow or Meglena Mihova in Brussels.
If You Do Business in Europe
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