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Malaya Dmitrovka st., 2-4, bld.2, office 5,
Moscow 127006
Tlf: +7 (495) 699-41-98
E-mail: eppa@eppa.ru

EPPA - European consultancy

Who we are

Our company was established in 1994 as the Russian office of European company EPPA Ц a team of experienced consultants, who apply their knowledge of procedures and cultural aspects of decision-making in the European Union to help clients to develop their business and manage regulatory risks.

We are independent, but maintain the best traditions of European consultancy Ц competence, responsibility in front of our clients and their businesses, respect for public interest, and the ability to create constructive dialogue between our clients and the authorities.

For more than 15 years we have helped companies and trade associations to manage challenges arising from the regulatory and executive authoritiesТ activities. We not only advise on how to prevent regulatory threats, but we also help our clients to benefit from new opportunities related to changes in the Russian legislation.

We work with companies from diverse industry sectors Ц from food production to high-tech businesses. We are therefore able to develop and implement creative and effective solutions to any regulatory challenge.

We help our clients to set goals and to realistically assess the feasibility of their objectives, and we propose the most cost-effective ways to achieve them. Our knowledge of decision-making mechanisms and the decision-makers allows us to develop and implement effective programs aimed at both immediate action and sustainable business development of our clients.

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